Specific lighting for each urban space
A beautifully designed light fitting for illuminating any urban space. Thanks to the diversity of fixtures and light distributions available, it can be adapted to any needs.
L90B10> 200.000h
Remote management option
ARISA is designed to work with the CORA MANAGER system and is adapted to integrate ZHAGA BOOK 18 or NEMA 7 connectors.
Standard diameters
ARISA is designed, as standard, for installation on top of poles or columns with diameters of 60 or 76mm in its TOP1, TOP2, TOP4 models
Simple design that is very light, without neglecting mechanical resistance.
Pressure valve
ARISA light fittings are equipped with a pressure levelling valve that keeps the exterior and interior pressures balanced, preventing the formation of humidity.


Urban Zones
Residential Areas / Historic buildings
Pedestrian Zones
Squares / Large surfaces
Cycle lanes

Models Arisa

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UNIO Smart Cities

Smart lighting control and management for modern cities that improves the quality and efficiency of street lighting

Pedestrian crossings

Lighting management to increase safety for pedestrians and drivers in areas without traffic lights or with inadequate lighting.

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