Smart solution to enhance the beauty of cities

Architectural lighting

Artistic lighting designed to highlight the design and aesthetics of architecture, enhancing the visual experience for users.

Lighting for bridges, monuments and façades on historical and iconic buildings that enhances their beauty and acts as a tourist attraction for neighbours and visitors, while protecting the environment by promoting energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency and savings

LED technology significantly reduces energy consumption and operating and maintenance costs.

Reduced light pollution

Lighting projects and control and dimming systems designed with a focus on energy efficiency.

Enhancement of nocturnal appearance

It allows you to create experiences and generate sensations, improving spaces and shaping objects for people’s enjoyment.

Dynamic scenes with RGBW

Programming of static and dynamic colour scenes to commemorate special days in support of different groups, celebrations, shows, etc.

Who is our lighting for?

Public administrations and agencies

It promotes economic and cultural development by highlighting the beauty of the cultural heritage and acting as a tourist attraction.

Citizenship and

It enhances the nocturnal appearance of urban architecture and public spaces by creating a safer, more welcoming and enjoyable environment for pedestrians.


Advice and technical support to resolve any needs that may arise before, during and after the installation.


Simple installation and start-up for easy maintenance.

360º Customised Solutions

We help to create unique spaces by providing integral solutions for any type of project. We have a team of engineers and lighting designers available to offer you advice.

We study your project

Customised proposal

Start-up and configuration

After-sales service


We study your project


Customised proposal


Installation and configuration


After-sales service

Our cutting-edge technology

Our technology offers various different alternatives for architectural lighting applications, adapted to the needs of the project.


Allows you to manage different static and dynamic scenes with light and sound effects, in real time and with instant response, so you can create various types of shows.

Allows you to project different staticand dynamic colour scenes without the need for cables, so you can manage lighting in real time.


Simple lighting management
Dynamic lighting scenes
Adaptive lighting for every moment

Light fittings for the architecture in your city

Light fittings compatible with architectural lighting that adapt light to the spaceby projecting static or dynamic colour scenes, generating multiple benefits to highlight the architecture of urban communities.

Cost savings

LED technology significantly reduces energy consumption and operating and maintenance costs.

High resistance to impact

Its IK and IP protection provides high resistance to impacts, strong winds and vibrations, as well as rain and dust.

Protection of architecture

Its characteristics provide optimal LED lighting that minimises deterioration of materials.

We help you in the implementation of the lighting control of your facilities: technical study, design, installation and configuration. Request a free study and we advise you without obligation.