Smart lighting solutions for safer cities

Pedestrian crossings

Lighting management to increase safety for pedestrians and drivers in areas without traffic lights or with inadequate lighting.

Lighting solution for pedestrian crossings that captures the driver’s attention by better illuminating pedestrians and pavement access areas, avoiding the risk of glare.

Road safety

Adequate lighting at pedestrian crossings reduces the risk of traffic accidents and makes cities safer.

Energy saving and sustainability

Maintains pedestrian crossing lighting at a level of 50% when there are no users, increasing to 100% when the sensor detects the presence of people.

Who is our lighting for?

Adequate road lighting provides a better experience for users, generating greater safety and reducing the possibility of accidents.

Public administrations and agencies

Commitment to the well-being of the community and the environment thanks to the safety, comfort and savings provided by smart lighting.

Pedestrians and

Reduces the accident rate thanks to specific lighting of pedestrian crossings in poorly lit areas without traffic lights.


Advice and technical support to resolve any needs that may arise before, during and after the installation.

Lighting professionals

Simple installation, making start-up and maintenance easier.

360º Customised Solutions

We help to create unique spaces by providing integral solutions for any type of project. We have a team of engineers and lighting designers available to offer you advice.

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We study your project


Customised proposal


Installation and configuration


After-sales service

Technology at the service of residents

The technology used for Safelight  helps to reinforce the existing road signals to protect residents.

Effectively illuminates pedestrians using light fittings equipped with special symmetrical optics that increase the level above the vertical of the pedestrian crossing and reduce glare to the driver.

Sensor Safelight

The light fitting includes a presence sensor facing the pavement that causes the light to reduce to a brightness level of 50% when no-one is there, increasing to 100% when it detects users.


High uniformity
Optimal vertical illumination
Automatic dimming

Efficient lighting for pedestrian crossings

Prilux Safelight compatible light fittings have special optics for pedestrian crossings.

They may also include a presence sensor for increased energy savings, benefiting the environment.

High resistance to impact

Its protection level provides high resistance to impacts, strong winds and vibrations.

Maximum efficiency

The presence detector allows it to optimise lighting energy consumption.

Special photometry options

Highly efficient and specially designed for illuminating pedestrian crossings.

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