Smart solution that works with the city

HCL WAS Outdoor

Dimming system with Prilux WAS technology, which allows the lighting to adapt to the pace of life in modern cities.

It adapts the colour temperature and lighting level to the needs, spaces and schedules of the city, offering maximum comfort for its residents, as well as increased safety and energy savings.

Energy efficiency and savings

It allows lighting to be dimmed during off-peak hours, while maintaining a comfortable and safe level for users and providing greater energy savings.

Reduced light
It protects the nighttime environment and the quality of the night sky, while creating more comfortable and healthy environments for biodiversity.
Comfort and well-being for the community
It promotes the development of hormones such as melatonin, which is necessary to induce sleep and rest.
Flexibility and
It adapts the brightness level to the different times of the night, according to the activity taking place in the city at that moment.

Who is our lighting for?

HCL Outdoor lighting, or people-centred lighting, influences the mood and health of residents, improving their well-being and helping to reduce energy consumption for the benefit of the planet.

Public administrations and agencies

Commitment to the well-being of the community and the environment thanks to the safety, comfort and savings provided by smart lighting.

Community and

It promotes healthy circadian rhythms through biologically optimised use of light to improve people’s well-being.

Street lighting project engineering

Continuous advice before, during and after installation to help with implementing projects in compliance with the requirements of the facilities and the current regulations.


It does not require changes or adaptations of any kind to the existing lighting infrastructure, making installation that much easier.

360º Customised Solutions

We help to create unique spaces by providing integral solutions for any type of project. We have a team of engineers and lighting designers available to offer you advice.

We study your project

Customised proposal

Start-up and configuration

After-sales service


We study your project


Customised proposal


Installation and configuration


After-sales service

Our cutting-edge technology

WAS technology enables PRILUX lights to change both the amount of light they produce and the correlated colour temperature (CCT).

Those two parameters can be adjusted dynamically
and independently via a control system.

What are the benefits?

Improves the health and well-being of residents
Offers a more appealing nighttime environment for tourists
Maximum light output immediately after start-up.
Dimming of light and colour temperature (CCT).
Smart power reduction for maximum safety and light uniformity.
Other control profile configurations available upon request.

Adaptive lighting for your city

The light fittings compatible with PRILUX WAS technology work automatically and have a pre-programmed 5-step profile that allows gradual change in colour temperature, from cool (4,000 K) to warm (PC AMBAR), and light strength (from 100% to 50%), and vice versa.

As such, they adapt the brightness level to the different times of the night, according to the activity taking place in the city at that moment.

Cost savings

It optimises the operating times of the lights and temporarily reducestheir power.

High efficiency

The LED technology enables us to improve the performance, service life and luminous flux of our light fittings.

Use of optics

The light can be directed where it is needed thanks to the variety of efficient and precise optics.

We help you in the implementation of the lighting control of your facilities: technical study, design, installation and configuration. Request a free study and we advise you without obligation.