Lighting control and automation solutions

Industrial Lighting

Intelligent management of industrial facilities that adapts light to production processes, optimising energy consumption.

Intelligent lighting solution for industry 5.0, optimised to deliver increased productivity, safety and energy savings in factories and warehouses.

Higher productivity

Adapt the lighting to each space and production process, generating a more comfortable environment that improves performance and quality of work.

Increased safety

Improve safety by providing a better visual environment in hazardous areas for workers.

Energy savings

Significantly reduce energy consumption and operating and maintenance costs.

Flexible installations

Optimise the installation by adapting the lighting to different spaces, such as corridors, warehouses, dispatch areas, production lines, offices, etc.

Who is our lighting for?

Correct lighting provides benefits to all those who work in factories, warehouses and industrial environments by increasing safety, productivity and energy savings in processes.

Industrial companies

Increase savings and flexibility by optimising energy consumption and


Continuous advice before, during and after installation, to help with implementing projects in compliance with the requirements of the facilities and the current regulations.

Lighting professionals

Turns light fittings into smart systems through simple, fast and intuitive installation and start-up.

Operators and employees

Appropriate lighting in industrial environments is key to increasing the safety and comfort of employees, and consequently improving the quality of production.

360º Customised Solutions

We help to create unique spaces by providing integral solutions for any type of project. We have a team of engineers and lighting designers available to offer you advice.

We study your project

Customised proposal

Start-up and configuration

After-sales service


We study your project


Customised proposal


Installation and configuration


After-sales service

Our cutting-edge technology

Cora Industry Lite supone un giro en la evolución de la industria 5.0 aportando renovación, control y una completa gestión del alumbrado en fábricas, naves y almacenes.

CORA Industry Lite

Autonomous lighting control system with integrated light sensor that regulates the flux emitted by the light fittings, compensating for natural light in industrial infrastructures.


Simple configuration of networks and groups of light fittings
Fast and intuitive installation and start-up
Robust and efficient control of the installation via app or push button
Automatic dimming according to daylight and activities
Direct configuration of lighting level with a push button
Precise DALI Broadcast control of up to 64 drivers
Advanced settings from the Play LITE app for iOS/Android

High-performance industrial light fittings

Wide variety of light fittings for industrial environments, with photometries adapted for both horizontal and vertical lighting in warehouse areas, such as loading bays and shelving.

They also provide the right level of uniformity for tasks where transport machinery is used.

High resistance to impact

The IK09 and IK10 protection ratings provide the light fittings with high resistance to impact and vibration.

Integrated box or remote box

Remote gear box that makes maintenance tasks easier and reduces operating costs.

Wide variety of optics

Light fittings capable of adapting the lighting to any need, reducing installation costs and the number of floodlights.

We help you in the implementation of the lighting control of your facilities: technical study, design, installation and configuration. Request a free study and we advise you without obligation.