Lighting control and automation solutions

Sports lighting

Intelligent remote management of sports facilities, improving the user experience and maximising energy savings.

Adapt lighting to each space to reduce energy consumption, optimising the light quality and enhancing the use and flexibility of the facilities.

Optimised facilities
  • Reduces energy consumption by up to 70%
  • Minimise operating costs with our LED light fittings and remote gear box.
Flexible installations
  • Adapt lighting to different sports, timetables and calendars, dividing it by sections.
  • Programme different schemes for maintenance, training and competitions.
Plug and play solution
  • Simple remote lighting control without additional wiring.
  • Easy configuration and management through a user-friendly and intuitive app.
Improve the experience
  • Light quality that avoids waste, glare and shadows.
  • Instant start-up and restart.
  • Light fittings for television broadcasting.

Who is our lighting for?

Proper sports lighting provides tangible benefits to all those involved in the creation and use of facilities, in terms of performance, use, control and maintenance

Private sports club

Maximise performance of your facilities by hosting sporting activities and non-sporting events with optimal lighting.

Public administrations

Commitment to the well-being of the sports community and the environment through efficient, sustainable and quality lighting that complies with EU objectives.

Lighting professionals

Simple real-time controls, allowing for easy maintenance and enabling you to adapt the lighting to any activity, timetable and calendar.

Project engineering

Quality and reliability together with technical advice and support, always available to meet your needs before, during and after installation.

Players and spectators

Optimal lighting conditions allow players to give their very best and enhance the experience of the game.

360º Customised Solutions

We help to create unique spaces by providing integral solutions for any type of project. We have a team of engineers and lighting designers available to offer you advice.

We study your project

Customised proposal

Start-up and configuration

After-sales service


We study your project


Customised proposal


Installation and configuration


After-sales service

Our cutting-edge technology

CORA Sports, the device developed Prilux with Bluetooth technology, allows you to control the lighting of sports facilities wirelessly with an app or Tablet using the PLAYMESH SPORTS app.

CORA Stadium

Management of medium and large sports facilities from up to 200 m away. Controla hasta 64 drivers (Broadcast)

CORA Master

Management of large sports facilities from up to 200 m away.e alcance. Controls up to 30 CORA Sports and/or CORA Stadium devices.


Easily create networks and groups of light fittings
Turn the power on or off individually or in groups
Activate preset scenes via app or push button
Activate dynamic effects, such as Goal and Flash mode
Adapt the flux emitted to the needs of each activity.
Adjust the dimming level to minimise consumption.

High-performance sports lighting

Wide variety of light fittings for sports facilities that meet the most demanding quality standards.

Compatible with indoor or outdoor facilities, they provide photometric distribution that guarantees uniformity and lighting packages adapted to the classification of the activity being carried out, in compliance with current regulations.

High resistance to impact

Its IK09 and IK10 protection rating provides high resistance to impacts, strong winds and vibrations.

Integrated box or remote box

Remote box that makes maintenance tasks easier and reduces operating costs.

Wide variety of optics

Adapt the lighting to any requirements, reducing installation costs and the number of floodlights.

We help you in the implementation of the lighting control of your facilities: technical study, design, installation and configuration. Request a free study and we advise you without obligation.