Prilux’s project department: integrated lighting solutions

What does a proper lighting project provide for your facilities?


A lighting project consists of choosing the optimum lighting for each space. That is, to study the needs of the users and the lighting parameters that suit the space, taking into account the feasibility, installation and technical support in the execution.

With a correct lighting project we will avoid creating oversized or inadequate installations while saving costs on energy bills and maintenance without compromising the quality of the lighting.

Rendering for the projection of the façade of the Cathedral of León.


Prilux’s project department creates lighting designs and tailor-made projects.


Fernando Ornés, electrical engineer specialising in lighting design, is head of the Prilux project department. Fernando gives us a first-hand account of the work and value that teamwork brings to help make us a successful company leader in lighting solutions.

Our project department works in all sorts of lighting solutions for applications such as: public and residential lighting, sports lighting, industrial lighting, architectural lighting, interior lighting and decorative lighting, mainly for Christmas and festive lighting.

According to Ornés, what makes Prilux’s project department unique is that it is a multidisciplinary team that solves a multitude of challenges to find the right solution for each client.. The experience of the department, the commitment with which each project is undertaken and the human quality, without a doubt, remarks Ornés, ‘make the difference’

We also asked him what he thinks is the biggest challenge facing the lighting industry today:

At the communicational level, lighting control… that protocols can be standardised and that, in some way, the different manufacturers and engineering companies can carry out projects in smart cities and that it does not depend on which manufacturer installed where, but that there is communication and everything flows. They should not be isolated projects, but rather there should be a protocol and communication that allows us to move towards universality”.

This is one of the added values of Prilux: to provide open, integrated solutions that cover everything from the lighting product to the control and dimming solution, in a single company”.

At Prilux, we are committedto innovation and the in-house development of new solutions that standardise communication and lighting management protocols in order to create smart cities.

“At Prilux, as a manufacturer- Ornés continues- we have, on the one hand, standardised solutions and, on the other hand, customised solutions to adapt to the needs of the client and the market at any given moment. That’s why I think the big challenge in the lighting industry is universality”.


What services does the project department offer?


At Prilux we have a multidisciplinary team composed of engineers, designers, 3D specialists and draughtsmen, ready to face the continuous changes that produce early obsolescence.. For this simple reason, we are committed to the continuous updating and training of our human resources.

Both nationally and internationally , the department provides the following services:

  • Study of the space and its lighting needs.
  • Study of the current regulations applicable to lighting conditions.
  • Energy efficiency study.
  • Selection and distribution of luminaires in the space.
  • Lighting study, calculation documentation.
  • Budget.
  • Documentation of installed lighting system.
  • Documentation of installed lighting system.
  • Support in the management of the installation of luminaires.
  • Aiming.
  • Audit of facilities
  • Emergency lighting calculation.
  • Rendering of the proposal.
  • Control systems and remote management.

Some examples of lighting projects carried out by our department


How do we work?


Lighting is an essential element in everyone’s life, which is why it is essential to carry out a prior lighting study. to the projection and installation. Proper analysis can make the difference between a comfortable, efficient and safe environment and an inefficient, uncomfortable and unsafe one.

Thanks to the direct contact of our sales network and technical team with our customers, we are able to meet their needs.

Step 1. Study of the space to be lighted and the client’s interests.

Step 2. Regulatory and Lighting Parameters Study.

Step 3. Project and installation feasibility, selection of luminaires, layout, calculation and associated control and/or dimming system.


Step 4. Budget adjustment and support in the implementation of the installation.


What do we take into account?


To implement any of our lighting technology solutions, we first consider the user and his or her needs. in addition to the regulations to be implemented and their requirements, the characteristics of the space to be illuminated, the quantity of light, the distribution, its quality and its temperature. Sustainability of design, product selection and energy savings are also cornerstones in the projection of new challenges for the department.

And it is along these lines that we all trace our objectives as professionals at the forefront of innovation and development in the lighting industryThe aim of the project is to offer lighting solutions that are adapted to the needs of our clients, taking into account the regulations and their requirements, while at the same time we consolidate the efficiency and sustainability of our products and solutions to take care of the environment while saving energy.

Our project department will be pleased to assist you.

Let’s talk!

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